Underfloor Heating Water Orton

Underfloor heating is a viable and affordable option for homeowners looking to enhance their homes. Careys Plumbing & Gas Ltd offer competitively priced underfloor heating service for your home in Water Orton. We offer both electric and water-based underfloor heating to suit your individual needs and requirements. 

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Gas Safe Registered

As Gas Safe registered heating engineers, you can be sure that the work we carry out when incorporating your underfloor heating system with your boiler is safe and following the latest gas safety standards. As experienced underfloor heating fitters, you can be sure that your underfloor heating system will prove a reliable addition to your home.

Advantages of underfloor heating

There are many surprising advantages of underfloor heating when compared to the use of traditional radiators. Below we’ve listed the top benefits of installing an underfloor heating system in your home:

 Energy efficiency

Due to the fact that underfloor heating solutions do not need to heat up to as higher temperatures as radiators to produce the same heating effects, underfloor heating is a surprisingly energy-efficient alternative. Due to the spread of heat, you are also more likely to get an even distribution of heat throughout your home. 

 Compatible with many types of flooring 

The experienced underfloor heating fitters at Careys Plumbing & Heating Ltd can install these heating systems underneath a wide range of floorings including carpet, vinyl. Laminate, wood and tiles.

 Low maintenance requirements

Underfloor heating requires little to no maintenance once the initial installation is complete and are a reliable source of heat for your home.

 Minimalise your home 

Underfloor heating provides fantastic benefits when it comes to creating a sleek and modern look in your home. Allowing less space to be taken up by radiators and flexibility when it comes to design. 

Electric and Water-based underfloor heating services

The heating engineers at Careys Plumbing & Gas Ltd can make the best recommendations for your home and needs and explain the differences between the two so that you can make an informed decision. If you want to read more information about electric vs water-based underfloor heating, take a look at our detailed blog post on the subject.

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