Boiler Installation in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield & Solihull

Maybe its time to get rid of the old boiler and replace it with a brand new boiler? Maybe its time to add value to your property ready for when you move house? Or maybe you just want to reap all the other benefits that a brand new boiler has to offer! Here at Careys Plumbing & Gas Ltd, we offer a range of plumbing and gas solutions for your with over 15 Years of experience in the industry! Get in touch today and find out more how we can help; 0121 2889944

Boiler Installation 

Out with the old, in with the new! Our professionals at Careys Plumbing & Gas Ltd are more than equipped with the expertise to install a brand new boiler in your home! On top of this, installing a new boiler has a whole list of benefits for both you and your home. Such as adding value to your property, improving your home boiler efficient to reduce costs; the list goes on! Anyhow, we have noted a lot of these reasons below for you to find out the advantages of having one. 

First and foremost, new boilers are lot more efficient and commonly rated A, with older boilers usually being rated G. What this basically means is, the efficiency is a lot less; making your energy bills a lot more expensive. By simply installing a new boiler, you can reduce your energy bills or stop them from increase by so much. 

In addition to this, new boilers are a lot more smaller and quieter. Long gone are the days of huge boilers taking up so much space and constantly producing so much noise throughout your home. These days, new boilers can be fitted and installed in a lot better places, to improve space in your home. Preventing you from being woken to a noisy boiler that has been fitted to the other side of a bedroom wall! 

Need a Heating Specialist for Boiler Installation? 

So, finally, if you're looking to install a brand new boiler get in touch today! You can reach us via phone number; 0121 2889944 or email;  and through our contact page. If you'd like to see our previous work, visit our gallery page; if you're interested in what customers have said about us, see our reviews page

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