Why you should upgrade to a combi boiler [New Research]

If you are one of the around 43% of people in the UK who haven't made the shift from a conventional boiler to a combi boiler you may be unsure whether or not to make the switch.

Combi boilers - short for combination boiler - heat up water the moment that you turn on the hot tap. A conventional tank fed system which heats water gradually and stores it in an insulated tank. They are aptly named ‘combination’ due to the fact that it is one single unit that heats both hot water for the tap and the water used to heat your radiators, requiring no separate water heating system.  

How does a combi boiler work?

Combi boilers, as mentioned, bypass the need for a big tank taking up space in an airing cupboard. Instead, water is heated up on demand using a high powered heat exchanger that is able to heat up water through a series of pipes.

There’s certainly some reasons to hold on to using a tank fed heating system but as we move forward in an uncertain world where the environment is at the forefront of our minds, the case for combi boilers is a strong one. 

Installation and repair cost

If it’s time for a boiler upgrade the price of installation of a combi boiler runs cheaper in part due to not needing to replace the water tank in your home. Along with this, the popularity of combi boilers means replacement parts can be found at lower prices.  

Efficiency cost 

Combi can boilers heat up water on demand, meaning you will not be spending additional money heating up water and keeping it warm throughout the day as is the case for a traditional tank fed system. Modern combi boilers are also highly energy efficient. 

Environmental benefits 

A more energy efficient boiler brings with it less carbon emissions and an effect on the environment. Most modern combi boilers in the UK boast at least 90% efficiency. When choosing your boiler look out for the energy efficiency rating ranging from A (90% and above) to G (70% and below). 

Safer water 

Combi boiler’s water comes straight from the mains pipe and therefore reduces any risk of corrosion that could come from hot water being stored in a tank over long periods of time. 

Space saving 

Conventional boilers can free up space in your home and turn your airing cupboard into an extra storage space. With the ability of combi boilers to heat up water on demand, you will no longer need to have a water tank attached to your system. 


With traditional tank fed systems, there’s a chance of all of the available hot water being stored being used up resulting in having for another batch of water to be heated by the water tank. 

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