What you need to know about underfloor heating

Whether you already have underfloor heating installed or are thinking of getting it installed in your home, there are are few things that you need to know about underfloor heating! 

In our blog we go through it all, including:

Does Underfloor Heating Need to be Serviced?

Underfloor heating do not need to be serviced as much as central heating systems. The reason for this is because once they are installed, they are easy to control. They do need looking into occasionally to make sure they are working correctly and like many systems you may experience a few issues but we are confident that these can be fixed. 

Maintaining Electric Underfloor Heating Systems

By making sure that your electric underfloor heating is installed correctly will ensure that very little maintenance is required. Many issues with electric underfloor heating occur when it is not installed correctly. You can be assured that with plenty of experience at hand, our heating engineers are trained to carry out all installation projects to the highest standards and meets your requirements. 

Maintaining Wet Underfloor Heating Systems

Checking the pressure and flow rates of the water on your wet underfloor heating system is something you can easily do to make sure it is in working order. Again, this type of system requires very little maintenance but if you do need any assistance with it, we have you covered .

How Long Will UFH Last?

The greatest advantage of underfloor heating is that they are known to last a lifetime and provide you wit sustainable heat for you and your home. With this, you can be assured that you will not need to change your heating system any time soon.

What If I Need to Repair My Heater?

If you do experience any issues with your heating system, you can be assured that we will be happy to get it fixed for you. Repairing underfloor heating issues is easy and we ensure all tests are carried out so you do not face any further inconvenience. All repair work is completed with minimal disruption so you don't face any further inconvenience. 

We have completed plenty of repair work across Sutton Coldfield and the surrounding areas, including Coleshill, Water Orton and Castle Bromwich. You can find out more about our underfloor heating services by calling us on 0121 2889944.