What type of boiler do I need? [2020]

Getting a new boiler installed in your home can feel a bit overwhelming, from choosing the specific type or a brand of boiler right down to installation. You often find yourself researching various boilers and think to yourself well which boiler is the right one for my home? Well do not worry because here at Careys Plumbing & Gas Ltd, we have answered your question in our blog. If you would like to discuss your boiler options with our gas engineers, call us on 0121 2889944 and we will be happy to help. 

What type of boiler do I need?

Conventional Boilers 

If you have two or more bathrooms or a high demand for hot water for your big family then a conventional boiler is an option for you. The reason for this is because a conventional boiler comes with two separate water tanks and a water storage cylinder, perfect for when there is a need for running hot water at the same time. 

System Boilers

These types of boilers are very similar to conventional boilers however there is no need for additional storage tanks. They take up less space and can be fitted anywhere there is extra space. However there is a chance that hot water can run out and you may have to wait a little bit for it to warm up again. 

Combination Boilers

Also known as combi boilers, these are great to have, making because they require the least amount of space and are perfect for smaller properties. They do not require any tanks or storage cylinders because they can produce hot water whenever you need it! 

Need help installing a new boiler?

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