Underfloor heating for new build houses

Underfloor heating can be installed in all types of properties. Not only is it easy to install but it is also energy efficient, making it ideal for new build homes. If you have purchased a new build home in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Castle Bromwich or Tamworth, we can help you with our underfloor heating installation services! Call us on 0121 2889944 to find out more. 

The best way to incorporate underfloor heating, is when your property is at the new build stage, the reason for this is because it make it a lot simpler when compared to a fully refurbished property. You also have more control over including an underfloor heating within the floor structure and complete all the necessary wiring that is needed, without having it go through any existing walls and floors. 

Here at Careys Gas, our underfloor heating specialists are happy to provide bespoke pipe layout designs, tailored to each individual home. All installations are completed smoothly and on time, so you do not face any further inconvenience. 

Add value and improve your new home

Underfloor heating systems have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years and by adding them in your new build home, makes potential buyers know that you have paid close attention and looking out to help them reduce their energy bills.

Not only does it help save you money, but it also improves the way your home looks. Without having radiators, you will be surprised at how much space you have! 

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Is Underfloor heating difficult to use?

Underfloor heating is designed to be very easy to use and install. Some are also fully compatible with smart thermostats, giving you full control over all aspects of your heating system. Not only that, but you are also able to have multiple zones, so if one room is not being used, you can simply turn the heating off, again helping you save money. 

Want to know more? 

If you have further questions about underfloor heating, get in touch with us by calling us on 0121 2889944 and we will be happy to help.