Underfloor Heating FAQs

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular as an energy-efficient alternative to classic radiator systems. Is underfloor heating, the best option, and how does it work? Here's our ultimate guide to underfloor heating, as described by specialists in the field.

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What are the benefits of underfloor heating? 

While it's understandable to think of underfloor heating as a luxurious addition to your house, it's a mistake to imagine it's out of reach. Underfloor heating is extremely cost-effective, and it may not cost as much as that gorgeous designer radiator you've had your eye on all year. 

Many modern interiors benefit from underfloor heating because of their minimalist style. It eliminates the need for radiators in places where they aren't needed and is powerful enough to serve as a room's principal heat source.

When is it suitable to install underfloor heating? 

Underfloor heating can now be installed in two ways: during the construction or restoration of a property, or after the house has been built. As you might expect, installing underfloor heating while the floor is still being laid is much easier. 

However, there are few exceptions, such as installing bathroom underfloor heating — bathroom tile is significantly easier to lift or replace than flooring in other rooms. Most people think that a reasonable price to pay for warm feet when getting ready in front of the sink on a chilly winter morning!

Aside from the electric underfloor heating alternatives we just discussed, hydronic underfloor heating is another popular choice. Instead of sheets of electrically heated wire, water-filled pipes are run across the subfloor. 

 Because of its more sophisticated nature, water underfloor heating is best installed during new construction or restoration. It will also raise your floor somewhat higher than an electric underfloor system, so take that into consideration when designing your interior.

Is Underfloor Heating Suitable for All Types of Flooring? 

Any sort of floor will, of course, function with underfloor heating. However, according to the efficiency with which they carry heat, some flooring materials will function better with underfloor heating than others! 

Tile and stone floors are among the best heat conductors, pushing your underfloor heating right up through them to reach the soles of your feet as efficiently as possible. That is why underfloor heating in the kitchen is so popular. 

Other flooring materials, on the other hand, don't have to be avoided if you have your heart set on them.

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