How to Keep Your Central Heating in Good Condition

Keeping your central heating system in good shape is important, as it ensures everything is running safely and smoothly. Generally, central heating systems are relatively low maintenance, but there are few handy things you can do to keep it working as it should. By following our top tips, you can increase the lifespan of your system, keep it running safely, and reduce the risk of breakdowns or repairs needed in future!

Lag your pipes

In the winter, your pipes can freeze if the temperature drops, which can stop your system working as it should. It can also lead to your pipes potentially bursting. To reduce the risk of this, you should lag your pipes with ready-made pipe-lagging. This is availble cheaply from any DIY store or online and protects your pipes for years to come.

Bleed your radiators

You should periodically check your radiators for any cold spots, which are caused by trapped air internally. To remove the trapped air, you simply need to follow a few easy steps to bleed your radiators. All you will need is a radiator key, that cost only a few pounds from a DIY shop or online. 

Check your boiler pressure

When your boiler is running smoothly, the pressure gauge should read between 1 and 1.5. If it dips below this, you may need to top it up yourself, using the instructions from your manufacturer. If it frequently drops too low, you should call out a gas engineer to check out the problem further. 

Your pilot light should be blue

If you have a gas boiler, you need to keep an eye on your pilot light. If everything is working correctly, it should be bright blue. If you check it and it is orange or yellow, there could be a problem with your gas supply. To resolve this, you should call out a gas engineer ASAP, as there could be leaking carbon monoxide.

Invest in alarms

You probably already have smoke alarms, but we recommend getting a carbon monoxide alarm too for near your boiler. This will detect any gas leaks before you can, keeping you safe in times of danger. For only £25, they can make all the difference. You also need to test them regularly to check the batteries.

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