How to choose an eco-friendly boiler

In recent decades, boiler manufacturers have made significant progress in developing more ecologically friendly models. Since April 2015, every new gas boiler installation in the UK has been required to be a more environmentally friendly and efficient condensing boiler, signalling a significant shift in the sector. 

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you can do so by rethinking your central heating system. In this blog, we'll look at some of the most important elements to consider when looking for a more environmentally friendly boiler, such as how efficient they are and whether there are any alternatives to gas boilers.

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Finding an Environmentally Friendly Gas Boiler 

Every new boiler on the market is a condensing boiler is required to receive an A rating on the ERP scale. This means they scored between 92 and 94 per cent in terms of energy efficiency – the more efficient your boiler is, the less of an effect it has on the environment and the less money it costs to operate. 

How can condensing boilers efficiently heat our homes? 

Condensing boilers, like non-condensing versions, use fuel to heat our houses and provide us with hot water. They attain such high levels of efficiency by collecting heat from 'waste' gases that would otherwise be lost.

Condensing boilers can utilise the energy recovered from these gases to keep the water in central heating systems warm when it returns to the boiler from the radiator, so it uses less energy to repeat the reheating process. 

Energy Saving Trust approved boilers

Look for boilers accredited by the Energy Saving Trust for more assurance that your boiler provides an eco-friendly central heating solution.

Is it Time for a Boiler Replacement? 

It's critical to replace your boiler at the correct time, not only for future energy savings but also for a cleaner, greener environment. If a qualified engineer suggests that you replace your boiler, always follow their advice.

  • Fuel Efficiency, up to 60% of your annual boiler expenditures can be attributed to energy bills. If you believe your energy costs are high as a result of your boiler's operation, consider upgrading to an eco-friendly boiler. 
  • Emissions from boilers -Newer environmentally friendly boilers release fewer pollutants while maintaining great efficiency
  • Eco boilers have innovative features that prevent energy loss that occurs during the usual combustion process. The cost of operating a boiler increases due to inefficiencies such as radiation loss, start-up loss, and exhaust loss. Eco boilers are protected from such losses.

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