Benefits of Underfloor Heating

If you are deciding whether you install underfloor heating in your home but are not sure, do not worry. Here at Careys Plumbing and Gas Ltd, we have listed out all the benefits that come along with getting an underfloor heating installed. To find out more about our underfloor heating services, simply call our underfloor heating fitters today on 0121 2889944.

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating 

Over the years, underfloor heating has taken over traditional radiator systems. The reason simply being is because it heats the entire home through the installation of heating pipes or electrical wiring. Not only are they a popular trend, they come with plenty of advantages too. 

Energy Efficient 

This is what makes them slightly different to the conventional radiators. Underfloor heating helps heat the house floor upwards and warms the objects in the room, allowing you to see the benefits quicker. 

Limited Maintenance 

Unlike radiators that need bleeding or cleaning, underfloor heating requires very minimal or no maintenance over the years. 

Works with all floor covering 

From wood, stone, laminate to carpet, underfloor heating is fully compatible for all floor types. 

Increases space

By getting rid of your current radiators, it helps give the illusion of more space in your room. This not only allows the room to be de-cluttered but also allows you to use the space to add extra furniture. 

Increases value of your home

Underfloor heating is a modern and advanced way of heating your home, giving the sense of luxury to potential buyers. 

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