Benefits of installing a new boiler

Is it time you treated your home to a new boiler? Whether you have had your current boiler for over ten years or if it is costing more in breakdowns and repairs than its worth- it is probably time for a new boiler. Keep reading to find out the benefits of switching to a new model with us, here at Careys Plumbing & Gas Ltd.!

1. Better boiler efficiency

Based on figures from The Energy Savings Trust, your boiler is responsible for around 60% of your household energy bills. Think about how much money you will save if you have an A Rated boiler! Due to the condensing technology in new boilers, they are all at least 90% efficient. Compared to your old boiler, which could have been as low as 50% efficient. 

2. Greater control over your heating

If you can't currently change the temperature of individual rooms in your home, a new boiler will most likely give you this ability. Not only this just a handy tool, in general, to make your home more comfortable, but it also helps you to save money on your energy bills. For example, why waste money heating rooms you hardly use, such as spare bedrooms? Generally, people like their bedrooms to be slightly cooler than living areas, so you will be able to set each temperature to suit the user of the room! These savings will add up over time, while you won't even notice the difference!

3. Quieter boiler operation

New boilers have an improved design and use more modern and practical materials, allowing them to operate more quietly. While this may not seem like such a benefit, it can make a real difference if your boiler is the other side of a bedroom, or in your kitchen.

4. Smaller, more discrete size

Again, due to new materials and design, new boilers are more compact in size. This gives you more free range in how you position your new boiler, as they are now commonly wall mounted and placed in cupboards, for example. This is ideal if you have a smaller home, as it leaves you with more valuable floor space.

Need a new boiler in Birmingham?

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