10 Signs your boiler needs repairing

Do you suspect that your boiler is in need of a repair? The worst thing you can do is wait for it to breakdown, or let the problem develop into something more serious. The best time to get your boiler repaired is when you first notice a problem, as this is when it'll be easiest to repair. The following list includes 10 signs your boiler is in need of repairing.

1. No heat/no hot water

If your boiler doesn't heat up at all or heats up very slowly, this is a key sign of a fault. You may have got used to having to wait an age for any heat in your home, but this is a problem our gas engineers can easily sort out for you.

2. Your boiler or pipes have a leak

If there is a leak coming from your system, not only will this damage your boiler, it also damages your home. Leaks can cause damp and mould, as well as internal boiler issues such as pressure problems. We recommend you get it looked at ASAP.

3. Kettling sounds coming from your boiler

Kettling sounds are caused by water being unable to move freely through your system, causing it to heat up too much and boil. Your gas engineer may recommend you get your system power flushed, to clean it thoroughly.

4. Your pilot light has gone out

If your pilot light has gone out, there is an issue with your gas supply. Never attempt to relight it yourself, as this can be very dangerous. Instead, leave it to our gas engineers.

5. The boiler pressure dips regularly

Low boiler pressure can be caused by leaks or your pressure valve. If your pressure gauge constantly reads below 1, even after topping it up, call out our gas engineers to take a closer look.

6. Your condensate pipe is frozen

There are many ways to thaw a frozen pipe, such as with a hot water bottle or hairdryer. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing so, our team will be happy to help you out.

7. Issues with your thermostat

Thermostats can malfunction or lose accuracy over time, so it is common for them to need replacing. If you have been having thermostat issues, our team will recommend what you need to do.

8. Banging, whistling or gurgling sounds coming from your boiler

All of these sounds are made by a range of boiler issues. Don't wait for the problem to develop, call out our gas engineers today to sort it out for you.

9. Radiators won't heat up/heat up slowly

Your first thing to try is bleeding your radiators, which is a simple DIY you can follow along with a YouTube video. If this doesn't help, our team will recommend a powerflush or repair to fix the issue.

10. Your boiler turns off unexpectedly

If your boiler turns off unexpectedly, it can be caused by any of the above issues. Call out our gas engineers today to take a closer look at the problem.

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